Moulding 207 Matte Black 1 1/2"

This is my most popular changeable frame and is great for all changeable frame sizes. The finish is a flat matte black. See Frame #308 for a similar frame with a slight variation.
This frame is suitable for Changeable and Value Frames of all sizes.

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Frame Width : 1 1/2"         Frame Rabbit : 5/8"

Manufacturer : Studio Moulding         Price Range : Budget

In Stock : The moulding for this frame is in stock and should be built and shipped within 3-5 days after ordering.

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Value Frame
Changeable Frame
Max Thickness of Collectible 3/8" 1/4"
Typical Magazine (8" x 10 1/2") $33.95 $79.95
Typical Large Magazine (11" x 14") $40.95 $96.95
Typical Newspaper (12 1/2" x 22") $56.95 $141.95
Typical Comic (Silver, Bronze, Current) $32.95 $75.95
Typical Comic Art (11" x 17") $48.95 $109.95
Typical CGC Comic ( 7 7/8" x 12 5/8") $34.95 $88.95
Typical Tabloid Newspaper ( 11" x 12") $39.95 $93.95
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Other Colors and Styles for this Frame

Frame 207 is also available in the colors shown below.

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601 Matt Black

203 Matte Black

207 Matte Black

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