Hangers for your Frames


Security Hangers

If you need security for your framed items, I suggest adding Security Hangers to your frame. The hangers are anchored on your wall and require a special wrench to remove the frame from the wall. These won't deter a serious thief but will prevent casual theft or damage. They will also prevent the frames from being accidentally knocked off the wall.

Security Hangers (Installed), $5.00 each
Security Wrench, $3.50 each
Security Hangers (loose), $3.00 each

The Security Hanger System attaches the frame to the wall, rather than hanging the frame from the wall, making removal difficult without the special Security Frame Wrench (sold separately).

If you the order the hangers for your frame, I will install the mounting brackets on your frame and you will install the wall brackets. The pictures below show how the wall portion is to be installed.

Security Hangers are $ for each frame, with the frame portion installed by me. The security wrenches are $ each. You only need one wrench, regardless of the number of frames ordered. You can also order the security hangers, uninstalled, for your other frames for $ each.

Here is a completed installation on a board. If you will be installing your frame on drywall, the only difference is that you will use the included wall anchors shown in the next picture.

This picture shows the hardware installed on the frame and the board. The two upper brackets on the frame match the two mounted on the board. At the bottom, there is a bracket on the frame, and a security bolt on the wall. I install the brackets on your frame.

To install the brackets on the wall, first measure the distance (center-to-center) of the top brackets on the frame and install the two provided brackets on the wall using the wall anchors provided. You should pre-drill a hole for each anchor using a 1/4" or 5/16" drill bit. Measure the vertical and horizontal distance from the top brackets on the frame to the bottom bracket on the frame and install the security bolt on the wall using these measurements and the wall anchor provided. Again, pre-drill a hole for the wall anchor. When you install the security bolt, leave it in a horizontal position as show in the last photo.

Slip your frame onto the top brackets on the wall and the bottom security bolt.

Turn the security bolt horizontal using the security wrench and your frame is now secure. The top brackets can be adjusted for a proper fit, if your measurements are a bit off.
A closeup look at the security bolt in the horizontal position.

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